Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our amazing world

Not that long ago, I was given this plastic cup. It's a cup, you say? So what? Look at the green strip. Look what it's made from. :) 

Now if I were out in the wild, hurt and about to die from starvation and I turned to my left, saw a big bug then turned to my right and saw this cup, I think I'd choose to nibble on plastic, no wait, make that corn. -Laura


  1. You really should try eating a cricket. I just did last week. Not too bad really, it tasted like wheat with a touch of dirt.

  2. lol, lol! No freakin way would I eat a bug. Blah! I'd rather take my chances on that corn cup or eat a plant and risk dying of poison instead.

  3. Oops, forgot to sign my name to my response to Lisa's comment. That was me--Laura.

  4. Laura, there are a lot of societies that eat different types of bugs. most of them are supposed to be quite tasty and also very, very high in protein. I'd go with the bug. I'm not sure those cups are ENTIRELY and solely made of corn, so you might be ingesting other chemicals or substances that aren't meant to be consumed.

  5. Polylactic acid resin or PLA. A bio-plastic. Definitely not something you should or could eat.

    But, an interesting idea. I believe there are better alternatives with bio products than corn based products, which, like ethanol, drive up the price of all other grains and make food prices higher.