Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cats are better than dogs

Hello, my name is Laura, and I've started this blog with my sister, Lisa. We will discuss a variety of topics both amusing and serious. Lisa and I have a lot in common, but as much as I like dogs, I feel that cats are far better! They're low-maintenance, loving, and quite funny with their wild antics! Where I'm a "cat" person. Lisa is a "dog" person. I'll let her debate her side of this argument next. :)

This is a picture of Chewy and Cookie, who is a tailless cat. (She was born that way, being part Manx.) Cookie likes to climb very high places and has given us some great laughs.
Our kitties are also affectionate, sitting and sleeping near us. Gambit is a love-bug. He's so sweet and gentle. He loves people.

When the cats hear the sound our my husband's truck's engine as he pulls up, they jump off the couch or come running from the back room and greet him at the front door. Mozart used to jump over furniture--no wait, he did that when I opened up a can of tuna. At any rate, Mozart was another winner.

When I practice piano, Cookie likes to walk across the keyboard. She has written many songs that way. When she does that while I'm typing up one of my stories at the computer though, some pretty funky stuff comes out. I still don't know what keeeeeeooollllld,,,lss means. Some weird kind of cat language?

Cats are so easy to take care of, and we don't have to walk them, though our neighbor walks her cat. The cat is so trained, she doesn't even need a leash. 

So, Lisa, explain to me why dogs are better than cats? I have given thee challenge.

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